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Where Did Moccasins Originate?

Did you know that the word  moccasin originates from an Algonquian word?  When you are searching for moccasin you may also try variations of the spelling:  mocassin, moccassin, or mocussin; this is in part because the word may vary depending on the language or transcriber.

History tells us that the Algonquians were the first tribe to have relations with the Europeans.  It is believed that the first moccasins were used as footwear to walk our Canadian soil was in the great plains of Saskatchewan. 

 Fun Fact: Great Plains Moccasin Factory Inc. is located in Saskatchewan!

Native American moccasin design has been passed down from generation to generation and are still worn in many tribes today.  Mainstream Americans have appreciated the strength and durability of this footwear making moccasins an obtainable in fashion design.

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